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2017 ASCHA Convention & Tradeshow, March 22 - 24, 2017


The 2017 ASCHA Convention & Tradeshow invites you to join the seniors housing industry in creating a movement.  So gear up, pack your things and let's go!

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Capital Development Planning & Capacity Building Pre-Event Session - Register Now!

  • Presented in collaboration with the Government of Alberta,
    Colliers Project Leaders and IC Funding

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This half day pre-conference workshop aims to promote the transferring and building of capital development knowledge to increase industry capacities. Led by professional facilitator Robin Parsons of Colliers Project Leaders, participants will begin by walking through the Government of Alberta’s capital development approval process. Then, using various tools, resources and experiences, participants will work through case studies based on real-world capital development challenges. Key considerations for planning, financing and setting-up projects will be reviewed in detail with the help of the Alberta Seniors & Housing - Capital Initiatives Department, Colliers Project Leaders, and IC Funding. Collective learning will be captured and shared, and participants will be provided with planning check-lists to help guide them through the case studies. This will be a very interactive, practical and hands-on session and is perfect for anyone involved in capital decision making within their organization.

PLEASE NOTE:  All attendees must pre-register for this session - be sure to select this session as part of your 2017 ASCHA Convention & Tradeshow registration.  To register ONLY for this session, please call us at 780.439.6473.


A Common Language for Seniors' Housing

  • Take this 10-15 minute survey to share your thoughts on the terms used by the seniors housing industry

ASCHA's Common Terminology Public Survey aims to assess how terms used within the seniors' housing industry are understood by Albertans.    

Our hope is to collect feedback from at least 1000 respondents.  The feedback will be used to prepare a report that will be made available to our members and stakeholders, as well as the industry as a whole. 

The information collected will help shape a new way of talking about seniors housing - we hope you will take part! 




The Charlie & Hazel Story

  • The characters in our public awareness campaign tackle various seniors housing related issues every week - follow their story!

Public awareness of the realities experienced by seniors searching for, living in, and transitioning through seniors housing is significantly lacking.  Navigating the systems can be confusing, frustrating and even scary because of terminology, negative media images and social constructs around aging and seniors communities.

Charlie and Hazel, two fictional characters not unlike many Albertan seniors, are here to share their experiences with us.  Like our Facebook Page and follow their story, offering your own ideas and solutions to move the plot forward.  

We also have launched a blog, so that readers can access the story in its entirety.  If you are new to the story, visit our blog and scroll down to the list of archived issues at the bottom of the home page.  The first issue was published in April, 2016.

Every Friday, ASCHA will be sharing a bit of the story, and as Charlie and Hazel encounter various options and challenges, you can weigh-in on how they should proceed - either on Facebook or Wordpress.

Together, we can all learn a bit more about seniors housing experiences and develop well-informed opinions of the various options available, so we can plan our own journeys or those of our loved ones. 

Be sure to share the story in your own communities and with friends!


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Highlights of Issue 12 :
Mar 20, 2017

  • In the Legislature – relevant highlights from Mar. 13 – 16
  • National Poverty Reduction Strategy
  • 2017 ASCHA Convention & Tradeshow