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Fire Sprinkler 101 - Webinar for ASCHA Members

  • Fire Sprinkler 101 -  What You Need to Know for The Retrofit Program Webinar Sep. 27, 2016 2pm-3pm 

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ASCHA has partnered with TYCO Integrated Fire and Security to present “Fire Sprinkler 101 - What You Need to Know for The Retrofit Program Webinar”. The webinar will focus on the what, how and why of Fire Sprinklers in Seniors Housing. There will be an introduction to the different types of Fire Sprinkler Systems, how each of them work and why they are being retrofitted into ASCHA’s members’residences. The speaker will also present the common pitfalls and lessons learned to ensure your retrofit project is a success. Visit the ASCHA website regularly for updates on the speaker and session description. 


Provincial Affordable Housing Strategy Engagement

  • Consultation begins on a provincial affordable housing plan

ASCHA's top advocacy priority has been a provincial housing plan for Alberta.  Our members have been out in their communities speaking to leaders and officials, advocating for a strategy, and working with partners such as the Alberta Network of Provincial Housing Agencies (ANPHA) and the Alberta Public Housing Administrators' Association (APHAA) to move this plan forward.

On June 3, the Government of Alberta announced that it will be starting engagement on a Provincial Affordable Housing Strategy.  The details of the plan can be found here on the Alberta Seniors and Housing website.

We enthusiastically encourage everyone to participate in the Government's online survey.  Make sure your ideas and concerns are heard to better inform a Provincial Affordable Housing Strategy to benefit seniors and residents across Alberta!


Meet Charlie and Hazel!

  • A New Public Awareness Campaign on Facebook!

Public awareness of the realities experienced by seniors searching for, living in, and transitioning through seniors housing is significantly lacking.  Navigating the systems can be confusing, frustrating and even scary because of terminology, negative media images and social constructs around aging and seniors communities.

Charlie and Hazel are here to share their experiences with us.  Join our Facebook Page where you can learn more about these characters and participate in their weekly antics and stories.  Each week, ASCHA will be sharing a bit of their story, and as Charlie and Hazel encounter various options and decisions to make, you can weigh-in on how they should proceed by liking, sharing or commenting on each post.

Together, we can all learn a bit more about seniors housing experiences and develop well-informed opinions of the various options available, so we can plan our own journeys or those of our loved ones.


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Highlights of Issue 34 :
Aug 22, 2016

  • Upcoming Board Nominations
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  • Human Resources Working Group