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ASCHA Annual Report Video - 2022

Leveraging Assets: Lessons Learned from Civida’s Londonderry Affordable Housing Redevelopment Webinar - June 21 at 10am

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The Londonderry Housing Development in north Edmonton is the first redevelopment of a community housing site in Alberta. Join Civida’s COO, Mark Hoosein, for a discussion about their process through this project.

The discussion will focus on the major elements of the process: Initiation, Planning, Execution and Closeout. Specific attention will be paid to lessons learned from the initiation stage centering around the importance of needs assessments, targeting the market and the advantages and challenges of debt instruments.

Mark will discuss some of the successes and opportunities for learning from this project and how these learnings can be integrated into your operation and project planning.

This webinar is funded by the Alberta Real Estate Foundation’s Investment Grants through the Calgary Homeless Foundation and Horizon Housing.

The Alberta Seniors & Community Housing Association (ASCHA) is delivering this webinar on behalf of the Calgary Homeless Foundation and Horizon Housing.



The Path: Your Journey Through Indigenous Canada – Indigenous Cultural Awareness Course


The Community Housing Transformation Centre is providing free access to The Path: Your Journey Through Indigenous Canada, an Indigenous cultural awareness course for the housing sector that is being offered online. The course was funded by the CMHC and was created to educate people about First Nations, Inuit, and Metis communities/peoples in Canada. Click here for more information. Registration closes February 1, 2022.

For Immediate Release: ASCHA’s Response to Bill 78

ASCHA has published a media release on Bill 78 considerations.

On December 8, Bill 78 – Alberta Housing Amendment Act, received Royal Assent. It is expected to come into effect promptly. <This line will be updated when it is approved>

ASCHA applauds the steps taken by the Provincial Government to make affordable housing a priority, yet has some concerns about the Bill considering the provincial government has not yet committed adequate funding to grow the stock of affordable housing. Alberta left at least $187 million in federal funding on the table in its NHS bilateral agreement to provide capital for affordable housing. There has also been a lack of support from the provincial government for project applications submitted by housing organizations for federal funding.  Our media release is linked below:

ASCHA Media Release: Housing Sector’s Response to Bill 78

Should you have any questions about the media release, please reach out to us.