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ASCHA Annual Report Video - 2022

Financing Housing with the Magic of Community Webinar - July 6 at 10am

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Join Ryan Collins-Swartz, Co-Executive Director, Tapestry Community Capital and Faiz Abhuani, Founder & Director, Brick by Brick to learn more about community bonds and how they can be used to finance seniors and community housing in Alberta. 

During this webinar, you will:

  • Learn how community bonds work
  • Understand their benefits & risks
  • Evaluate their fit for your own organization’s financing
  • Discover how you can align your values with your investments
  • Hear Brick by Brick’s first-hand story of raising funds with Community Bonds and their key lessons learned
  • Engage in a discussion to share your ideas and have your questions answered

This webinar is funded by the Alberta Real Estate Foundation’s Investment Grants through the Calgary Homeless Foundation and Horizon Housing.

The Alberta Seniors & Community Housing Association (ASCHA) is delivering this webinar on behalf of the Calgary Homeless Foundation and Horizon Housing.



For Immediate Release: ASCHA’s Response to Bill 78

ASCHA has published a media release on Bill 78 considerations.

On December 8, Bill 78 – Alberta Housing Amendment Act, received Royal Assent. It is expected to come into effect promptly. <This line will be updated when it is approved>

ASCHA applauds the steps taken by the Provincial Government to make affordable housing a priority, yet has some concerns about the Bill considering the provincial government has not yet committed adequate funding to grow the stock of affordable housing. Alberta left at least $187 million in federal funding on the table in its NHS bilateral agreement to provide capital for affordable housing. There has also been a lack of support from the provincial government for project applications submitted by housing organizations for federal funding.  Our media release is linked below:

ASCHA Media Release: Housing Sector’s Response to Bill 78

Should you have any questions about the media release, please reach out to us.

2021 ASCHA Compensation & Benefits Report - NOW AVAILABLE

The 2021 Compensation & Benefits Report is now available for purchase! This year’s report included an analysis of some new job titles, statistics by geographical areas, recruitment and retention rates, board information, and so much more. With respondents from all cross-sections of our sector, this report provides a clear snapshot of the compensation and benefits trends for all employee positions across Alberta’s Housing Sector. Don’t miss your opportunity to use this fantastic resource as you plan your operational budgets! Thanks to a generous grant from the Government of Alberta, your copy can be purchased at a substantial discount.