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2021 ASCHA Compensation & Benefits Report - NOW AVAILABLE

The 2021 Compensation & Benefits Report is now available for purchase! This year’s report included an analysis of some new job titles, statistics by geographical areas, recruitment and retention rates, board information, and so much more. With respondents from all cross-sections of our sector, this report provides a clear snapshot of the compensation and benefits trends for all employee positions across Alberta’s Housing Sector. Don’t miss your opportunity to use this fantastic resource as you plan your operational budgets! Thanks to a generous grant from the Government of Alberta, your copy can be purchased at a substantial discount. 


Registration is now open for the ASCHA/Red Deer Polytechnic (formerly Red Deer College) Online Certificate Programs

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COVID-19 Information for Members

A Quick Reference Guide for Resources and Information

In these unprecedented times, we know that there is a vast array of communications circulating about COVID-19.  Our focus has been to find the most trusted resources and factual information for our members and curate this so that our members can easily find what they need, when they need it.  Below is a summary of how ASCHA has been responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic:

  • Teleconferencing with the Ministry of Alberta Seniors and Housing – We are gathering information and circulating updates and protocols by direct email to the main contacts at our Member Organizations, as well as ALL Lodge providers (whether they are ASCHA members or not).

  • Direct Conversation with Leaders from Alberta Health Services and the Ministry of Alberta Health – We are taking member concerns regarding the care of residents/tenants in their buildings forward on regular calls with Health and Alberta Health Services, and circulating updates and resources directly to our members.

  • Ongoing Member Conversations on ASCHA Connect – This is where our regular members can share best practices, and ask each other questions. We will also be posting relevant information and resource documents here: https://connect.ascha.com/home 

  • Primary Sources of Information for Everyone - (note, these sites are constantly updated, and we advise you visit them regularly):
    COVID-19 Information for Albertans
    COVID-19 Self Assessment Tool
    COVID-19 Information for Staff and Healthcare Professionals
    Government of Canada COVID-19 Information
    CMHC Coronavirus Updates

  • Member Conferencing - ASCHA hosts discussions on COVID-19 with its membership using a virtual platform.  Invitations to join these member-only calls will be sent to the primary contacts at our member organizations.

The ASCHA Office is still in fully operational at this time, and we are working hard to support you despite the changing status of this pandemic.  Should members have any questions, or require support, please contact us.  We will continue to update as the situation unfolds.

2020-2021 Annual Report

Creating Common Terminology for Seniors Housing Options in Alberta

Albertans have called for easier-to-understand ways of classifying the different seniors housing options in Alberta.  ASCHA has prepared a report of these findings.

ASCHA is pleased to release its latest report, Creating Common Terminology for Seniors Housing Options in Alberta. The report reflects over two years of engagement with Albertans, seniors-serving organizations, other stakeholder groups, seniors housing providers and subject matter experts in housing and seniors care. 

Navigating seniors housing options is difficult, because there are many different terms and service levels out there. Not only is this an issue, mainstream communications tends to group all the options into one term - “seniors homes."  This often puts seniors housing into the same box at long term care, when the two are very different, especially in terms of the programs, types of services and legislation governing the different environments.

Over 1,000 Albertans informed our initial report, Common Terminology Report: What We Heard 2018 where inconsistencies in terminology were identified, and gaps in understandings were addressed.  Albertans, stakeholders, and the seniors housing sector as a whole called for easier-to-understand navigational terms.

Three navigational categories were proposed, informed through public consultation, and tested with various audiences.  These categories are:
Seniors Housing – Accommodation Only
Seniors Housing with Service Options
Seniors Housing with Service Options and Health Supports

Nearly 600 Albertans responded to our survey, where we solicited feedback on these terms.  Over 80% of respondents felt the terms were easier to understand, and could help in navigating options.

These three categories are not meant to replace technical terms, or legislated terms, but rather serve as an entrance point for seniors and families to have conversations about the type of housing they want or need.

We hope you will find the results of the report insightful, and that you will join us in adopting these navigational categories in your own communications about seniors housing.