ASCHA’s Videography and Photography Program

With the success of ASCHA’s pilot project to assist members with their videography and photography needs, ASCHA has decided to continue the service to members. As requests for member-specific digital media services have been coming in, ASCHA has partnered with our videographer/photographer to put together discounted service packages to meet our Members’ storytelling, promotional, advertising, and event coverage needs. As an ASCHA Member cost saving benefit program, ASCHA is proud to bring affordable pricing to all of our video and photo services. To discuss or learn more Contact Us Here, or Click here to Book a Video/Photo Discussion with Chris, ASCHA’s Videographer and Photographer.

Types of Videos Services:

A Senior or Employee Story

Organization Promotional Video

Organization Promotional Video (With Voiceover)

Virtual Tour Video (Site Walk Through)

Photography Services

We offer a variety of Photography services, such as; Events, Real Estates, Advertising/Product, Team Photos, Studio Headshots, and many other options. These services are heavily discounted to make the costs of photography services affordable for our members.

Example Headshots:

Example Real Estate:


Custom Options

Customized Photography and Videography Packages are available! If you would like to combine and shoot several different projects, ASCHA is able to offer further discounts through customized packages.