For over fifty years, the Alberta SeniorsCommunity Housing Association (ASCHA) has been advocating on behalf of its members, who provide a variety of housing options for Albertans. 

Our core roles are advocacy and member services. As a member-driven association, we act as a centre of excellence for education, best practices and member resources, to assist housing providers with providing the very best supports to the Albertans they serve. 
ASCHA currently represents approximately 75% of the seniors housing sector in Alberta, and is working with our existing members to better represent the needs of the province’s community housing organizations as well. In reference to our seniors housing representation, our members serve over 40,000 seniors across the province in independent, supportive and designated supportive living spaces. ASCHA proudly champions all sectors of seniors housing, including public, private and voluntary providers. In terms of our community housing representation, our members currently offer public and non-profit community housing options to support 20,000 households. Not only is ASCHA comprised of its members, we also engage associates and stakeholders that contribute to the enhancement of housing through their products and services.  
As a member-focused, not-for-profit society, ASCHA strives to enhance the quality of life of those served by our membership. We are not a placement or referral agency. We offer tools such as the Online Alberta Seniors Housing Directory, but do not make housing recommendations or provide care. Our primary role is to provide resources for the housing sector so that providers can offer the very best housing experiences for Albertans.