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2018 Fall Region Meetings - Non Partisan Provincial Advocacy

  • ASCHA invites members to attend our Fall Region Meetings in October!

You are invited to attend our upcoming October Region Meetings across the province, centred around the theme “Non-Partisan Provincial Advocacy.”  This is a very important region meeting for our association and we hope you will join us to find out more about:

  • ASCHA’s NEW Strategic Direction – Our new strategic priorities will position our association in a way that makes us leaders and the go-to resource for the industry and for Albertans
  • Who will be your next Board Representatives – We are holding elections at these upcoming meetings
  • Awareness campaign messaging and strategies that can raise seniors housing issues to new levels within your communities
  • An overview of the political landscape from our speaker Paul McLoughlin, with tips on how to make the most of provincial advocacy approaches
  • How to build organizational capacity to improve your advocacy, communications and marketing
  • Expand your network, connect to other providers and make the best use of resources at hand

October 11 - South Region Meeting  REGISTER HERE
Medicine Tree Manor, High River

October 12 - Central Region Meeting  REGISTER HERE
Quality Inn & Conference Centre, Red Deer

October 19 - North Region Meeting  REGISTER HERE
St. Michael's Health Group Heritage Hall

For full meeting details, agendas and materials, please log-in to the Member's Area and visit our "What's Happening" section.




Upcoming Board Elections

  • Now accepting nominations!

We will be holding elections for several board positions at our upcoming Region Meetings in October.  The following positions are open for nominations in the following regions:

NORTH – Region Meeting October 19
Vice President North Region
Director North Region (2 Director positions available)

CENTRAL – Region Meeting October 12
Vice President Central Region

SOUTH – Region Meeting October 11
Director South Region

These positions are ONLY open to individuals representing organizations within our REGULAR MEMBERSHIP.  Non-members and associates are not eligible to apply. Please complete the Region Nomination Form and submit it to ascha@ascha.com if you wish to name yourself or someone else for consideration.  The positions above must be filled by representatives of member organizations from within the declared region (that is, the member must have declared their region as the same region they are being nominated to represent).  Please check with us at ascha@ascha.com if you are unsure.  All nominations are to be in accordance with section 5.1.2 of the ASCHA Bylaws.

It is strongly recommended that those seeking positions be nominated in advance and be in attendance at the Region Meeting to actively participate in our elections process.  We have found there is a strong correlation between region meeting attendance/engagement and success in obtaining a Board position.


ASCHA Launches a New Strategic Direction

  • A New Path Forward For The Association

ASCHA’s new strategic direction looks to the future of the association and the industry, with direct focus on member and public engagement.  Tackling housing issues and building an engaging advocacy approach to address these issues requires active messaging from our members and Albertans in general.  This will have significant impacts on shaping the culture and policies of our industry well into the future.  This is an important shift for the association and we look forward to updating you further at our upcoming Region Meetings.  As always, we welcome your thoughts on this path forward!

ASCHA Direction 2018-2021




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Highlights of Issue 37:
Sep 10, 2018

  • Human Resources Working Group
  • Creating Happy Workplaces Webinar for ASCHA Members
  • Canadian Patient Safety Week
ASCHA Weekly Rollout Issue 37