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Housing Supports Alberta, Alberta Supports Housing

There is a need to ensure that housing is prioritized in provincial election platforms, and that candidates understand how important housing is to supporting overall affordability, the economy and the health system. Be sure to visit our Key Advocacy Issues page for more information and documents you can use to support our advocacy messaging and asks.

Housing Supports Alberta, Albertans Support Housing

2022 - 2023 Annual Update

ASCHA is proud to release it’s 2022-2023 Annual Update! This past year, ASCHA focused on positioning itself as a place of support, and on creating a collective identity for the seniors and community housing sector. Through our enhanced advocacy, engagement, resources, services, education, and public awareness, our efforts were directed towards “bringing housing home.”

2023 Home for Housing ASCHA's Convention & Trade Show

April 3 – 5, 2023 Home for Housing Convention & Trade Show

After successfully hosting individually themed annual Convention & Trade Shows for decades, it was time to rebrand the event with a single name – one that will resonate now and well into the future. We are introducing you to Home for Housing – the hallmark event for Alberta’s housing sector! This is where housing leaders from every corner of the province come ‘home’ to discuss, build capacities, and network on the top issues and solutions for housing.

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For the Information Package, click here
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It's As Simple As One, Two, Three!

What is ASCHA and what does the association do? Our Noble Cause is to ensure Albertans live in housing that honours their dignity, serves their needs and inspires purpose in their chosen community. But it takes everyone working together to make this happen. How can we all work together? It's as simple as one, two, three! 
Check out our new video: It's As Simple As One, Two, Three!