Leadership Training Opportunities for ASCHA Members

Rethinking Feedback Workshop

This workshop is geared to those who delegate work to others. Mentors and leaders with accountability for evaluation and practice areas that want to see growth and accountability in action.
In this 3-hour workshop (two 1.5 hour sessions), participants will learn:
• the roots and fallacies of feedback
• how biology impacts the way we learn and grow
• about tools that can be used to help you and your organization create opportunities for growth and development.

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Cognitive Resilience Leadership Series
 is designed to teach leaders how to embed a different style of leading into your own practice, how to lead yourself and others through uncertainty with greater confidence, less stress, and enhanced outcomes.

This series is comprised of:

  • Six sessions of online group learning
  • Four sessions one-to-one coaching
  • A kick-off and wrap-up session

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If you register for the whole series, you can apply to receive the Canada Alberta Job Grant to cover two thirds of the training cost.

All employees of ASCHA Member organizations are eligible to discounts on these offerings. Contact us for details.

ASCHA's Webinar Sponsorship Opportunities

ASCHA webinars offer the perfect opportunity to support quality online education to members, as well as the promotion of your company. We provide quarterly educational webinars that average 70 attendees during the live presentation, and the recordings are available to view in the Members Area of ASCHA’s website, The Learning Centre for Senior Living and ASCHA Connect. This educational opportunity is one of our most valued membership benefits.

Sponsoring ASCHA webinars is a strategic way for your business to reach a wide audience of engaged housing professionals AND is a tangible demonstration of your company's commitment to the seniors and community housing sector. Our webinar sponsors are recognized as partners and thought leaders who support our members by providing access to cutting-edge information and training, giving them an edge in growing their knowledge and taking seniors housing and support services to the next level. 

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Management Skills for Commercial Kitchens Certificate Program


Red Deer Polytechnic Management Skills for Commercial Kitchens Certificate Program is designed specifically for cooks, kitchen managers, and those who would like to advance their careers in seniors housing kitchen settings. The Program consists of 4 online courses and provides the opportunity to develop kitchen management skills that focus on inventory control, budgeting, menu planning, marketing and human resource management.

As ASCHA helped to pioneer this Certificate Program, ASCHA Members receive 10% discount off the tuition fee. Contact ASCHA to get the member discount code prior to registering.
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ASCHA Member Orientation Webinar

ASCHA conducts regular webinars for new and not-so-new CAOs and Leadership Teams to ensure that you are aware of all the member services and benefits available.  Make the most out of your membership! If you are interested in an orientation for any of your Leadership Team contact us!