Kind Dining Program by DiningRD

ASCHA, in partnership with DiningRD, is excited to offer the Kind Dining program.

Tailored specifically for seniors housing providers, this professional development series offers insights into the role of the dining attendant, emphasizing warmth, courtesy, empathy, and professionalism when serving older adults.

The Kind Dining program is built upon three core pillars:

  1. Elevating service quality standards
  2. Teaching relational soft skills that cater to emotional needs, foster connections, and share common experiences
  3. Fostering a cohesive work environment where individuals feel connected

The program is comprised of a 9-module eLearning training series. Upon completion of all the modules, the learners will be able to:

  • Reinforce the importance of residents' dining experience in enhancing their quality of life and sense of belonging in the community.
  • Introduce service standards necessary for delivering safe, quality meals in a comfortable, enjoyable, social dining environment.
  • Cultivate competencies required for dining attendants to create an optimal dining experience.
  • Foster teamwork and collaboration across disciplines and departments.
  • Empower serving staff to take ownership of the dining experience, reducing errors, and making informed decisions at all care levels.
  • Establish the organizational infrastructure to sustain person-centered hospitality.

Two levels of training are available:

  • "Manager Level" for team leads priced at $131 USD. Managers are encouraged to empathize and support all staff involved in meal service, recognizing the impact of a positive dining experience on residents' well-being and staff development in communication, teamwork, and relational skills.
  • "Staff Level" for frontline support staff priced at $115 USD. 

All employees of ASCHA Member organizations receive a 10% discount.  Contact ASCHA for details.

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Workshop for ASCHA Members: Habits of Mind: Mindsets for Leading, Collaborating & Adapting

Following the successful “Habits of Mind” educational breakout session at ASCHA’s 2024 Home for Housing Convention and Trade Show, and in response to the valuable feedback from our members, ASCHA, in partnership with Thought Architects, is delighted to offer this extended professional development and learning opportunity to our members.

Habits of Mind has been researched, developed, and embedded into the teaching and instruction of children in education for almost 30 years. There are 16 general dispositions that have been found to be employed when people successfully navigate new and unfamiliar circumstances, and these “habits” of thinking can be taught and refined.

In this workshop you will have the opportunity to explore some of the Habits of Mind with your team members, reflect on personal patterns of thinking, and develop a personal principle to help guide you and your team members as you successfully navigate unknown and complex situations in your workplaces.

This is an amazing opportunity for team building and staff retreats and would lead to significant positive outcomes for your teams, such as improved communication, strengthened relationships, increased morale, and enhanced productivity.

Thought Architects offers this workshop both virtually and in-person.

The virtual session is $750 (up to 40 participants), and the in-person session (up to 80 participants) is $999+travel expenses. Thought Architects would be happy to arrange the workshop on the date and time that works best for your team.

All ASCHA member organizations receive a 15% discount. Contact ASCHA for the member discount code.

To register, click here.

StrongerU Senior Fitness

ASCHA has partnered with StrongerU Senior Fitness to offer our member organizations education, tools, and resources so that your employees can deliver high-quality, dynamic, and effective fitness experiences to the residents you serve.

The primary target audience of this program is employees of your organization’s Activity and Wellness department.

Here is what you will get:

  1. Learn the fundamentals of senior fitness instruction including anatomy, foundations in human movement, coaching techniques, modifying and adapting to fitness levels, and more.
  2. Learn the choreography. Apply the theoretical knowledge to practical application.
  3. Every month receive 30 minutes of brand new, dynamic class content in a rotation of four formats: Cardio, Strength, Stretch, and Circuit (Balance) for one year.

This program will provide you with all the skills and tools you need to help your residents reach the older adult physical activity guidelines.

For more information, see our poster.

The program is eligible for the Canada Alberta Job Grant that will cover 2/3 of the training fees.

All Employees of ASCHA Member organizations receive $66 discount on the program. Contact us for details.