Welcome to ASCHA’s Associate Member Directory! This valuable resource is readily available for housing providers to download and utilize as a reference.

The Directory aims to assist our Regular Members in finding ASCHA-preferred service providers for products, project assistance, and consulting services. Each listing is categorized based on the products/services provided by our highly qualified Associate Members, who have extensive experience in serving the seniors and community housing sector.

Listing information is submitted via an online submission form that is sent to Associate Members before each issue is published.

Key Things to Know:

  • ASCHA does not generally produce a print version of this Directory. Since the Directory is in PDF format, it can easily be printed out in a stapled half-page booklet format using Adobe Acrobat Reader by members who may want a physical copy.  
  • Updated issues of the Directory are published in February, May, August, and November. The most recent version of the directory is the one you see below.
  • Associate Members must maintain ASCHA membership status to be included in the Directory.
  • Non-members will be removed from subsequent issues of the Directory.
  • Half-page listings are free for ASCHA Associate Members.
  • Full page listings are $300 per year. Pricing is subject to change.
    • Two formats are offered: a full-page text listing and a full-page listing with a photo.

If you are not a current Associate Member but are interested in featuring your company and its products/services in our Associate Member Directory, you'll need to join ASCHA. Learn more about ASCHA Associate Membership.

Please be sure to share this Directory with the personnel in your organizations that would benefit from having this information.


ASCHA’s Associate Member Directory – May 2024