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Testing New Seniors Housing Categories - #CutTheClutter

  • Take this short survey to share your thoughts on new seniors housing terminology.

We heard from over 1,000 Albertans – navigating seniors housing options is frustrating because the terms used are interpreted inconsistently and very confusing. ASCHA is working to #CutTheClutter by offering simpler, easier-to-understand categories that describe the different types seniors housing options available. Please take our short survey and let us know what you think: https://www.cvent.com/d/ryqqlg


2019 ASCHA Compensation and Benefit Survey

The 2019 Alberta Compensation and Benefits Survey has been sent out to Housing Providers across the province. Participation in this survey is important, as it will lead to an accurate and useful picture of compensation and benefit trends across Alberta's full spectrum of housing options. All housing providers are invited to fill it out by June 30. Be sure to look in your inbox for the link!


Let's Stop Ageism Campaign

  • Find out more about how to get involved!

The Alberta Council of Aging's (ACA) Let’s Stop Ageism awareness campaign addresses ageism head on and promotes community members of all ages to interact, accept, embrace and celebrate older people. It incorporates digital and live programs utilizing social media, webinar, blog, Language Decoded resource and pop up events, in partnership with other organizations such as the Canadian Cultural Mosaic Foundation, Third Action Film Festival, SkirtsaFire Festival, Alberta Parks and Recreation Association and of course—Age friendly Community of Practice!



ASCHA's Advocacy Campaigns - #itstime and #CutTheClutter

  • Join in the discussion! Create a movement! - #itstime #CutTheClutter

ASCHA has recently launched two online campaigns to raise public awareness about the issues seniors and their families face when navigating seniors housing, wellness and support options.

It's Time - #itstime

  • It's time to change how we support seniors.
  • It's time for seniors to thrive with proper and timely access to wellness supports in their community, in the setting they choose to call home.
  • It's time for us all to say "no more" to the gaps and inefficiencies.  We will all need supports in place sho that we can age with dignity.
  • We all need to accept responsibility for the way things are, regardless of political leanings.  We have all accepted the status quo for too long - it's time.

Find out more about the campaign and how you can join the conversation here.  Members can find the Campaign Toolkit in the Member Area under "Let's Advocate."

Cut The Clutter - #CutTheClutter
This summer, ASCHA surveyed over 1,000 Albertans to better understand the difficulties in navigating the seniors housing system. One of the major issues brought to light by the study was that seniors housing terminology is complicated, difficult to understand and overwhelming within the industry and government. ASCHA heard our members, and stakeholder's feedback on some of the difficulties but we did not know how difficult it was for Albertans looking for seniors housing options.

We want to #CutTheClutter to reduce and simplify the terms we use to describe seniors housing and support options in Alberta.  Find out how you can add your voice and story to the campaign here.




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Highlights of Issue 29:
Jul 15, 2019

  • Stewardship Roundtable
  • Revera McConachie Gardens Grand Opening
  • Community Innovation Grants for People Affected by Dementia
ASCHA Weekly Rollout Issue 29