ASCHA Cellular Program

All Members can access two programs:

  1. The Member Organization Cellular Program, which is billed to the organization for all company lines, to potentially reduce monthly expenses; and
  2. The Staff Cellular Program that bills directly to staff, and is also available to their family and friends as an employee benefit you can offer.

There is no liability or administrative work for the organization with the Employee Cellular Program.

Current ASCHA Members and their staff are eligible for these plans through a partnership with 8760. Cost comparison analytics between current cellular invoices and the available ASCHA rates are provided at no cost and with no-obligation to members/staff. If you are interested in seeing the comparison, please email a recent and complete cellular invoice to Michelle Kerr at

Additional Information/Resources:

ASCHA Cellular Program FAQ

ASCHA Cellular Program Sign Up Sheet

ASCHA Device Price List
- refer to the Member Resources section in the Members Only area for this list