Jan 01, 2017

ASCHA Webinars for Members

We are proud to announce that we will continue our strategic relationship with Remedy’s Rx Specialty Pharmacy to offer our members four webinars in 2018.

Mark your calendars and register today!


Cyber Technology and Cybersecurity                         
May 8, 2 – 3 pm             

Consider the following scenario: you are notified by your information technology that the organization’s network was targeted by hackers and that information related to your residents, employees, partners and other stakeholders was likely stolen. The scenario is not as far-fetched as it may seem. In fact, cyber-attacks have been steadily increasing in sophistication, frequency and magnitude - with media reporting, what appears to be, major cyber-attacks almost on a weekly basis. In such an environment, how should organizations prepare for the unexpected? While the challenge is significant, it is not insurmountable. Join our expert speaker Imran Ahmad on May 8 to learn who the impacts of a cyber-attack (e.g., reputational harm, litigation, cost of remediation, etc.) can be significantly mitigated and what steps need to be taken to prepare the organization to respond quickly and effectively to a cyber-attack. The webinar is sponsored by Remedy’s Rx Specialty Pharmacy. To register

Creating Happy Workplaces

Sep. 20, 2 – 3 pm          
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Caregiver Fatigue     
Nov. 27, 2 – 3 pm          
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Oct 18, 2017

Listen to past webinars – a great resource for our members!

Log in to the ASCHA website, then go to the Member Resources Area. You can also watch these webinars in The Learning Centre for Seniors Living.
ASCHA members can access the following past webinars:

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