NOBLE CAUSE:  Seniors are empowered to have choice and a life of purpose, wherein they are honoured, valued, and respected.

Mission: Support our members in creating and maintaining vibrant seniors housing for Albertans.

Vision:  The voice and champion for seniors housing.

Core Values: 

At ASCHA we recognize the value individuals bring to ASCHA and their organizations, regardless of their background or point-of-view.
Actions:  We treat each individual equitably regardless of position.
We affirm the value of each individual personally and professionally.

At ASCHA we hold ourselves accountable to fulfilling our role as a member-driven organization.
Actions:  We honour our commitments.
We continue to learn and improve.

At ASCHA we build meaningful relationships with our members and stakeholders.
Actions:  We actively involve members in the work of ASCHA.
We regularly and frequently communicate and check-in with our members.

At ASCHA we have open discussions with our members and stakeholders to reach consensus related to key organization directions.
Actions:  We actively listen, participate and consider all perspectives.
We seek input from all those influenced by the ASCHA direction.

At ASCHA we are honest and transparent in all our actions.
Actions:  We are direct and open in our written and spoken communications.
We expect our members and stakeholders to be open and honest with us.