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This is an area for Albertans to learn more about seniors and community housing, understand the terminology used, plan for their housing and service/support needs, get tips for how to navigate the sytem, and search for housing options. 

Above, you will see three separate boxes to help you navigate information:

SENIORS RESOURCES: A list of resources, articles and websites that provide great information on seniors housing options, government departments and initiatives, community programs, and other organizations that may be able to help.

HOUSING DIRECTORY: Looking for seniors housing in Alberta? This online resource provides a list of what is available in municipalities across Alberta. You can search by location, type of housing, and the services and amenities you need.

RESOURCES FOR COMMUNITY HOUSING CLIENTS: This area provides information and tips on finding appropriate housing and services to meet your needs.

We hope you'll check back often, as we will be continuing to develop this area to best serve your needs!