Common Terminology

Understanding seniors housing terminology can be confusing at times.  This document provides definitions for the housing options available to seniors in Alberta.

Paying for Seniors Housing Options

Published by Comfort Life, this is a general overview of how Canadians typically cover the costs of seniors' housing and care.

Staying At-Home With Care Exceeds Cost of A Senior Housing Community

A comparison of costs related to at-home-care vs. living in a seniors community

30 Questions Seniors Should Ask to Plan for Their Future

This infographic provides a great guide for putting a plan in place to age well.

Note:  Where this source uses "Residential" and "Assisted Living" - Alberta uses the tems "Independent Living" and "Supportive Living."

Office of the Seniors Advocate

The Office of the Seniors Advocate links seniors to a Seniors Advocate Representative who is knowledgeable about seniors programs and services in your community. This person will listen and work with you to help resolve your problem.

Government of Alberta - Seniors & Housing

This is the official website for the Government of Alberta's Ministry of Seniors & Housing.

Government of Alberta - Alberta's Continuing Care System

This is the official website of the Government of Alberta's Ministry of Health - Continuing Care.

Government of Alberta - Accommodations Standards Licensing and Public Reporting

Alberta Health monitors all supportive living and long-term care accommodations for compliance to the Accommodation Standards, minimally on an annual basis. The purpose of the Accommodation Standards is to ensure accommodations maintain a high quality of accommodation services (e.g. meals, building maintenance, security and housekeeping) that promote the safety, security and quality of life of Albertans living in those accommodations.

Alberta Council on Aging

This is the official site for the Alberta Council on Aging.  Their mission is to improve the quality of life for seniors and encourage their participation in all aspects of community by educating seniors and the public and by advising government.

Kerby Centre

This is your go-to resource for Calgary and area seniors and housing information.

Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton

This is your go-to resource for Edmonton and area seniors and housing information.

Elder Advocates of Alberta Society